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How To Stop Your Floor Bed From Sliding

Floor beds are a haven for little adventurers, a cozy nest for adults who love a low-profile sleep space, and… a potential runaway train on smooth hardwood floors. If your floor bed seems to be practicing the tango every time you get in or out, don't fret! Follow our one-stop guide to keeping your bed grounded and your peace of mind intact.

Why Does My Toddler Floor Bed Slide?

Before we tackle the how to stop your bed from sliding, let's understand the why. Floor beds, with their lack of legs, rely solely on friction between the mattress and the floor to stay put. But smooth hardwood surfaces can be slippery devils, especially when met with the enthusiastic movements of tiny humans or sleepy adults. The result? A bed that becomes a game of floor hockey, much to the chagrin of shins and sanity.

Battling the Slide: Your Anti-Slip Arsenal

Now, onto the good stuff! Here are some tried-and-tested ways to keep your floor bed from becoming a runaway rodeo:

1. Grip It and Rip It: The Power of Non-Slip Surfaces

    • Rug Power: A rug under the bed is like a superhero cape for floor beds. Choose one with a grippy backing like jute or a rubber pad underneath to prevent it from becoming a slip-and-slide itself. Bonus points for rugs that add softness and color to your space.

    • Furniture Grippers: These nifty little pads stick to the bottom of your bed frame, providing extra traction against the floor. They come in various sizes and materials, so you can find the perfect fit for your needs. Choose rubber or felt grippers for hardwood floors.

      Furniture Gripper
    • Double-Sided Tape: Feeling crafty? Cut double-sided tape with strong adhesive like carpet tape into strips and stick them to the bottom of your bed frame and the corresponding areas on the floor. This creates a temporary but effective anti-slip barrier.

      Double Sided Tape

2. Channel Your Inner MacGyver: DIY Bed Stoppers

    • Felt: Cut felt fabric into squares or strips and stick them to the bottom of your bed frame. Felt is gentle on hardwood floors and provides surprising grip.
    • Tennis Ball Trick: Cut tennis balls in half and glue the flat sides to the bottom of your bed frame. The rubbery surface adds friction and prevents sliding.

3. Think Outside the Box: Furniture Hacks

    • Bed Risers with a Twist: Choose bed risers with rubber or felt pads on the bottom for extra grip. They'll add height and stability, keeping your bed firmly planted.
    • Box Spring Savvy: If your floor bed uses a box spring, try attaching it to the bed frame with L-brackets or corner braces. This creates a more solid unit that's less likely to budge.
    • Wall Hugging: Position your bed against a wall to minimize the amount of space it has to travel. This can be especially helpful in small rooms.



    • Always test the grip of any anti-slip solution before letting your child play on the bed.
    • Choose materials that are safe for children and pets, like non-toxic adhesives and natural fabrics.
    • Regularly check the effectiveness of your chosen method and reapply or replace as needed.

Happy Snoozing!